About us

About Us

Swifty Removals was founded several years after the establishment of our real estate agency. The main removal service idea came to life when we saw other home removal companies not taking full responsibility for their job. While hiring other removal companies to transport our tenants’ belongings, we noticed that most of the tasks could be carried out in a better, more convenient way for the client. High prices and poor organization were also factors, not allowing to create quality services at that time, so our specialists took their time to analyze the market to set up a complex of outstanding home/office removal, storage and courier services, which would be based on communication, trust, desire and expertise of the field. All and all, the establishment of a swift removal service was a natural part of our company’s growth.

At Swifty, our goal is to make your home or office removal process as easy and convenient as possible. Our supportive storage and courier services will make your moving even more peaceful. Whether it’s a removal of your private home or office, our professional attitude will bring you the comfort and relaxation at a decent price. Why Swifty Removals? Not only it’s insured and managed by professionals, it is also smooth, well organized and timely service. We know better than anyone else that home and office removal can be a painful and difficult task, although it might not seem as one until you get to it. We aim to offer you the needed help in any situation and make your movings pain-free and simple.

Swifty Removals operates in four main directions: home&office removals, storage and courier services. While home&office removals will bring you accurate time arrangements according your needs, our storage services will support you with storage units based on your location. The courier services will sum it up with the needed working force and transportation to help you with carrying and relocation of all necessary items.

We guarantee that Swifty Removals is a smart choice no matter how difficult the situation may seem to you. Moving marks a new stage of life and we want to be a part of it!

We guarantee that our letting services are a great choice whether you’re letting your property for the first time or you’re a professional in this field. We gained an extensive knowledge of the local property market, while working with a great number of people and managing large houses. We also collaborate with other companies and agencies, such as rent-to-rent service providers, maintaining a healthy competition as well as loyal and honest relationship. With us you not only get sales and letting services, we also offer a wide range of non-third-party services, were you can contact us for cleaners, builders or furniture transporters, who will guarantee quality customer service for an attractive price.

If you are looking to buy, sell or let a house or investment property, we can safely assume that you are in good hands.

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