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To ease the sales process we introduce some helpful tips for sellers:

Preparation. Before you consider hiring an estate agent, we advise you to start preparing your property for sale. Remember to take care of any jobs and repairs needed for your property and its surroundings – this way it will attract more potential buyers.

Valuation. We understand that every seller wants to achieve the best price for the property to sell, within the least amount of time. The local property experts working at our company provide accurate property valuations and help you to maximise viewing activity and the level of offers received.

Choosing an agent. Selling a property can be a lengthy and stressful process, and if you’re a busy person, you can’t afford losing any of your precious time. That’s why most sellers choose to employ an estate agent, who will act on their behalf as well as alleviate the stress and confusion.

Marketing. We believe that bringing your property in front of the right buyers at the right time in the best possible way is the vital point for a successful sale. Here at Swifty’s we apply efficient marketing techniques so that your property reaches the right audience.

Viewings. It is essential to make sure that your property gives a good first impression when introduced to the potential buyers. With us you can be sure that our sales negotiators will identify and highlight the unique features of your property that will appeal to the viewer, thus increasing the selling possibility.

Offer and negotiations. Once you have received an offer, it is your decision whether to accept or reject it. If the initial offer is rejected, the prospective buyer may come back with further offers and negotiations will continue.

Acceptance and conveyancing. Once you and the buyer have reached a positive conclusion and you are ready to accept an offer, you will need to inform a conveyancer, who will take care of all the paperwork. It would be helpful for you to provide your conveyancer with any necessary documents to support the contract.

Exchange of contracts. Once the buyer’s mortgage offer is received, the buyer’s conveyancer is satisfied with the responses to the enquiries raised and a date for completion is agreed by all parties, you are ready to exchange contracts. The contract shall be signed by both buyer and seller and the buyer shall pay a non-refundable deposit via their conveyancer to your conveyancer.

Completion. On the completion date you will be required to vacate your property and hand over the keys to our company where the buyer will be able to collect them. Now you can sit back and relax – the work is done.

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