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With thousands of properties for sale, we have properties available to meet all requirements. However, it is easy to get lost among all the offers and possibilities. Whether this is your first time buying or you’re an experienced investor, we offer a quick list of tips for buyers.

  1. Think about the right property before you start your search. If you need a mortgage to fund your purchase, then we advise you to consult with a bank or mortgage broker.
  2. Online searches are a good place to start looking for the right property. However, if you prefer a face-to-face chat, be sure to visit our office and see what we have to offer.
  3. Once you have found the right property, you can make an offer to the seller. That’s where we step in – our job is to serve as a middle link between you and the seller.
  4. Once the seller has accepted your offer, it is time for the transfer of a property from one party to another. For this work you’ll need a conveyancer to help you with the purchase that requires a lot of formal paperwork.
  5. Before the completion of the purchase, the property needs to be surveyed.
  6. Once the procedure is completed, both parties have to sign the contract agreement. Don’t forget that before the exchange you’ll be required to pay your deposit.
  7. Finally, on the completion date, you’ll be able to collect your keys at our office.

Just remember that you can always visit our office and have a chat with our sales experts, who are eager to help whether you’re looking to move to a new place or buy a property.

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