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It is important to understand that finding the right tenants for your property is just a start, and property management should be implemented with the same attention and care. Our company provides full property management service in a professional and friendly manner.  You can forget about all the stressful work and get on with your daily life, while we manage your property. We know that every landlord has distinct needs and wishes, so our company works hard in order to offer the right services for each individual.

So, what is involved in the management of your property?

First, your property needs to be prepared for the tenants to move in. The list of things to be done includes dealing with mortgage and tax matters, acquiring safety certificates, taking care of keys and inventories, etc. Second, your property needs to be managed during the tenancy period by regularly checking if it is properly cared for, collecting rent and many other things. Our job is to manage all this work on your behalf from preparing the property for tenants to move into managing the property throughout the tenancy.

What will you get by choosing our property management? Here’s what Swifty offers:

  • Preparing your property for the tenants
  • Guidance in the case of any disputes and tenancy problems
  • Monthly inspections of your property in order to ensure its proper care and maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency call out service
  • Maintenance work organization and implementation
  • Monthly rent collection from the tenants
  • Chasing overdue rent
  • Monthly Tax Statement provision

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