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If you own or manage an HMO which falls under the category and conforms to all the necessary requirements, you
must obtain a licence for the property under the Mandatory HMO licensing scheme. Even if you own and manage a
the smaller property, but it is rented to several people from different households, you may still need a licence in some cases.

Bear in mind that depending on the area you will have to meet certain requirements to obtain an HMO licence.
There’re many things you have to consider, and often it could be puzzling and time-consuming. In order to save your precious time, our company offers help with licensing and other related issues.

The experts in our company give advice on various matters concerning HMO licensing such as applying for a licence, licensing rules applied in different areas, information on fines and penalties, etc. Also, if your application to get a licence was refused or you are worried it might be refused, contact us, and we may help you with the further process.

We are the experts in the field and we are ready to give you a piece of professional advice on what has to be done and what things could be improved in order to get a

Be sure to contact Swifty for more information and professional advice on the subject.

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