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To start with, we offer some tips on letting your property:

  • The most important thing is to hire an agent that has experience and knowledge of the local market.
  • Be sure to prepare your property to be let out. In order to obtain the best possible tenants and the best possible price, it is essential that your property stands out from the rest.
  • Give accurate descriptions of the overall property condition to make things easier for the potential tenants and increase the possibility of letting the property.


  • Don’t forget to inform your insurance company that the property is to be rented out and obtain an appropriate insurance for a tenanted property.
  • In order to avoid penalties or other consequences, you must also update the Inland Revenue about the letting of your property.
  • Be sure to redirect your mail to avoid losing any important letters or packages.
  • Upon failure to reach a mutual agreement with the tenants in the event of any dispute concerning loss or damage to your property, the matter is referred to the courts and arbitration.

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