Guaranteed Rent Scheme

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HMO guaranteed rental scheme should be of interest to those who have one or more large properties that are vacant. If you want to turn your unused property into a source of income, we kindly offer our services. Our company guarantees a monthly rental income from your property without having to manage it yourself or getting involved with tenants. Whether you are an owner of a single large property or hold a portfolio of properties, Swifty’s management services would be a reasonable choice. Apart from many services we offer, our company specialises in the management of HMO’s, so you can be sure that you are leaving your property in good hands.

Wondering what are the benefits of HMO guaranteed rental scheme? Well, your guaranteed rental income also comes with many other advantages:

Property maintenance and repair issues are taken care of along with the property management;

All the utility issues and taxes are managed and paid for;

Contact with tenants is maintained without you getting involved directly;

Receiving your monthly income regardless of whether the property is occupied or not;

Knowing your property and tenants are managed professionally on your behalf;

Having no worries about finding, managing or moving tenants in and out;

Receiving no additional fees.

So, if you are interested in HMO guaranteed rental scheme, be sure to contact us for more information on the subject.

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