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If you’re looking for a property to rent, there are several important things you have to consider:

References. Once you have chosen the right place to live, you’ll have to fill in a referencing form covering your employment status, credit status, current residence and other necessary details. This practice is benefitial for both you and the potential landlord and helps to establish a more trustworthy relationship.

Deposit and payments. Before moving in, you’ll be asked to pay a month’s deposit in advance, and after that the rent will be collected monthly. Don’t forget to agree upon the type of payment, which can be made by bank transfer, debit or credit card payment or cheque.

Agreement. Once your references are completed, you’ll be asked to sign a tenancy agreement that is necessary to protect all the parties involved. You will keep one agreement copy, and the other two will go for us and for your landlord.

Moving in. Finally, you can arrange the move-in date with your landlord and collect the keys at our office.

Moving out. When moving out, don’t forget to leave the property as you found it and remove all of your possessions.

What is more, be sure to think about the insurance if you want your personal belongings covered in case of any damage. Don’t hesitate to contanct your landlord or us if you have any questions regarding the property issues. We can ensure that we’ll consider your individual wishes and always be there when you need an advice.

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