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Being a landlord brings many benefits; however, it is important to consider all the risks and responsibilities that come with it. Your priority should be deciding what level of service you want and choosing the right letting service for you and your property. Here, at Swifty’s you can choose the letting service that fits you the most:

  1. Guaranteed Rent Service ensures a fixed income, regardless of whether or not your property is let or is paid for. It’s the perfect option for busy landlords.
  2. Fully Managed Service offers the full management of your property throughout the tenancy; however, it does not involve guaranteed rental payments. It’s the right choice for landlords with limited time to manage their property.
  3. Rent Collection Service is perfect for landlords that are able to deal with the management problems but want to avoid any financial and administrative responsibilities. In this case, we take the duty of rent collection and payment to the landlord.
  4. Tenant Find Service best suits the landlords who want to take full responsibility for their property management but need help with finding the right tenant.

Should you have any questions regarding the letting services we offer, please contact us for more information.

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