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If you are planning to engage in the buy-to-let market, you can be sure that it’s a safe and time-tested investment, however, it works as a long-term investment rather than a quick way to make money. Buying a property to let is a very popular income-generator whether you are an investor, who makes a living out of buy-to-let business or an individual, who invests in a single property as an additional means of income.

Before you make your decision, it’s essential to research the area you’re thinking of buying in and the type of tenants you’re likely to attract. If you want your investment to be solid or you are in need of a simple advice, the experts working in our company are ready to help you with that. Our staff will inform you about the areas that are the most suitable for your investment, the rental income you can expect and assess whether it would be a profitable alternative.

What needs to be done before buying a property to let?

First, you have to plan what kind of money you could make from the property. The best way to do that is by applying the following calculations:

  1. The formula to calculate the percentage gross rental yield on your investment:

(total income per year ÷ the value of the property) x 100 = % gross yield

  1. The formula to calculate the percentage net yield:

([total income – total costs] ÷ the value of the property) x 100 = % net yield

  1. The formula to calculate annual running costs:

mortgage repayments + estimated refurb costs + vacant time (estimate 30 days per year) + service charge and ground rent (if the property is leasehold)

Second, you have to decide on a realistic rental cost. Setting the rental value to low may not be as profitable or may not pay off, while setting a high rental value may repel the tenants, that way leaving your property vacant for a longer period of time.

Our final recommendation would be to contact Swifty’s experts and seek independent advice because the process is much more complicated and every single case is distinct. We ensure that we will consider all the possibilities and offer the solution that suits you the best.

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