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Swifty offers various kinds of structural work:

• Needling

Needling is a construction building to extend the property through the main wall into the outside or to make small rooms into big ones. It is necessary to keep the upper floors where they are supposed to be when the building is extended. Our team can design and erect needling to support all types of wall whether it is a simple two-storey house or a complex commercial or industrial structure. We offer only the experienced workers who are trained to work in all types of site environments and provide only the skilfully performed construction work.

• Underpinning

Underpinning is the process when the foundation of an existing building or other structure is strengthened by using various support methods. It may be necessary when the original foundation is simply not strong or stable enough and it needs support, when the usage of the structure has changed or simply when you need to increase the depth or load capacity of an existing foundation. Swifty offers a wide assortment of available underpinning solutions to remediate the settlement problems or help to avoid them.

• Piling and Strip Foundations

Just because the structure’s foundation is not visible after the work is done, it doesn’t mean it is not important. Foundations need to be accurately surveyed and measured and to be dug according to a predetermined plan, which requires skilled engineers and workers. Swifty offers you professional consultations on what foundation type to choose as well as specialises in both piling and strip foundation works. Depending on the soil type the two foundation laying techniques can be used – strip foundations are applied where the soil is of good bearing capacity, piling, on the other hand, is used when the soil is of unpredictable nature. Our well-experienced team work with great care and cautiousness, so you can be sure that you are in good hands.

• Frameworks

Swifty also specialises in framework installation, maintenance and repair services. Our team works with steel, timber and concrete frameworks and offers only the best materials and services.

• Brickwork and Blockwork

Swifty also specialises in brickwork and blockwork services no matter how big or small the job is. If you have your mind on brickwork, it is often left exposed for its aesthetic qualities, while if you choose blockwork, it is usually rendered, but most bricks and blocks can be used either as facing components or given a render coating. Our workers use various materials including bricks, stones, manufactured stones, concrete, glass, stucco and tiles. We offer different techniques and components based on your personal needs and perform only the best quality brickwork or blockwork.

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