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Swifty specialises in roof and dormer construction, sheet works and box gutter installation. We also provide variety of roofing services from roof joists and joinery to roof tiling and slating. Our company is proud to present you with a high quality building service, professional and reliable workers as well as long lasting products that withstand the climate extremes. If you hope to invest in quality-assured construction, look no further and choose our roofing services.

Our roofing services include:

• Cold and Warm Deck Flat Roofing

Swifty specialises in both cold and warm deck flat roof constructions.  If you are wondering what is the difference between cold deck and warm deck, here’s a simple distinction. A cold flat roof incorporates insulation in between the rafters or joists that has an air gap to allow air-flow. That way warm air tends to escape rather than stay in. A warm deck, on the other hand, is formed by moving the insulation to the outside of the structure and bringing the roof deck inside. This is a great choice if you want to remove the possibility of condensation or avoid penetrating damp. Swifty guarantees to advice you on the best suitable option for your property and offer quality roofing services for an attractive price.

• Structural Waterproofing

As our main waterproofing technique we use inverted roof construction and work with its installation and repair. This type of construction has the principal thermal insulation material applied on top of the weatherproof covering, so that the complete roof construction including roof covering is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Our company provides full structural waterproofing solutions for both renovated and new-build structures in order to protect the construction from water. Swifty has excellent team of skilled professionals, uses up-to-date high quality materials and equipment and is ready to deliver complete building restoration and protection wherever and whenever you need it.

• Tiling and Slating

The roofing specialists working at our company bring care and experience to their work. Whether you need a simple repair on a few missing roof tiles or a completely new roof tiling or slating, we will get the job done. We can help you choose tile and slate roofing in a rich diversity of colours, materials and serving different functions. Swifty offers and provides services from small repairs to complete reconstructions, from domestic housing to commercial or industrial buildings. You can be sure that our team are ready to help you decide what will look and function best with your building and bring all the ideas to life.

• Shingle Roofing

There are many different types of shingles you can choose from based on size, shape, colour, thickness and material, and we offer a broad variety of them. Shingles can be made of different materials such as wood, metal, slate, flagstone, plastic, fibre cement, and composite materials such as asphalt shingles. Each have their advantages and disadvantages you need to consider and we will be glad to give you an advice. Swifty offers not only high quality and high variety of shingles, but also professional shingle roofing services. Our team of roofing experts will advise on what type of roofing to choose based on your requirements and building features as well as provide roofing installation or repair.

• Industrial Roofing

Swifty provides roofing repair, maintenance and installation of commercial and industrial roof systems reducing the chance of future problems. Our company’s specialisation involves almost all roof types or systems, so our clients will certainly find the service they need. We are teaming up with the highest quality product manufacturers and offer the greatest service value you can trust in. Whether you are in need for a small industrial project done or you have a large area to cover, we take on even the most difficult jobs.

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