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Swifty can provide all plastering, rendering and screeding services for your building as well as ensure high quality building works and complete reliability.

What is plastering? Plastering is a process used to create smooth walls and ceilings, covering any rough texture that is left by construction. Plastering leaves walls and ceilings with a smooth finish, which not only looks good, but is easy to clean and ready for decorating. Plaster is very durable and can take any knocks or scrapes better than drywall.

What is rendering? Rendering is a process when cement is applied to the external or internal brick or concrete walls during the construction or renovation of buildings. Rendering creates a smooth or textured surface depending what you require for the finished texture of your walls, it can also improve waterproofing of a property.

Plastering, rendering and screeding options we offer:

• Flat Rendering Finish

We have many options for rendering the outside and inside of your home. Flat rendering finish is used to cover the hollows or can be applied on other surfaces to create a flatter and smoother look. As flat finishes are becoming more popular, this technique can be used not only for exterior but also for interior walls.

• Pebble Dashing

Pebble dashing is a decorative finish that is applied to the rendered wall. The wet mortar is coated with pebbles that stick and dry to provide a weathering surface. As part of our pebble dashing service we offer a selection of stone, pebble or shingle coatings, so you can find the one you prefer.

• Stipple Rendering

Stipple rendering is used for a smooth finish or a textured coating to provide an attractive surface on a seemingly plain wall. We use this technique for both interior and exterior walls, ensuring that the rendered surface would be able to withstand temperature changes and fluctuation of moisture levels, so you can trust the quality of our work.

• Coloured Rendering

Coloured rendering is characterised by the depth and richness of colour the entire render layer maintains. We offer a coloured rendering, which is weatherproof, insulated, polymer-modified and applied by skilled experts working at our company. If you want to hide all exterior wall defects, stop penetrating damp and avoid the usual maintenance, coloured rendering is the perfect choice.

• Insulation Renders

You can choose our thermal rendering services in order to provide your home with a high degree of thermal efficiency, vapour permeability and impact resistance. Wall insulation rendering involves externally cladding a building with insulation boards just before applying a basecoat render and a final decorative finish. In the end you will get the advantage of a highly insulated and energy efficient home.

• Damp Problem Solving

Did you know that penetrating damp problems are caused by defects within the building or plumbing system where water has been able to reach the inside of a property? If you are experiencing penetrating damp problems that means it is time to take care of your home by checking for any potential causes. As part of our damp problem solving we offer you pipe, drainage and gutter check for any obstructions, wall, roof and window frames check for any cracks as well as guttering fixing or replacement. Our experts can give you advice on dealing with different types of damp and provide you with damp proofing services.

• Internal plaster finishes

Internal plastering is a good way to improve or refresh your home without overdecorating it, while this technique leaves space for other features. Internal plaster finish is mainly hard and smooth, but it can range widely in different colours and textures, so you will definitely find the one that matches your taste and lifestyle.

• Floor Screeding

Swifty offers a wide range of screeding products and services, including floor screeding, fast drying floor screeding, screeding over underfloor heating or screed testing services. Here you can also find a screeding contractor that will gladly hear your requirements and help you with everything from start to finish. We provide only the highest quality installation and excellent performance for an attractive price.

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