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Swifty specialises in all electrical installation, maintenance and repair services as well as provides quality work on time within the required budget. We are committed to accomplishing safe electrical repairs and installations that comply with all the requirements and last as long as possible.

• NIC-EIC Approved

NICEIC stands for the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting and is one of the organisations that regulates the training and work of electrical enterprises in the UK. Swifty’s electrical services are NICEIC approved and comply with the latest requirements. By choosing an NICEIC approved contractor you get competent and skilled workers, services that meet all the technical and safety standards as well as guaranteed product quality.

Our electrical services include:

• Industrial Installations

Our company offers various industrial installation, maintenance and repair services. We have only competent electricians that are trained to perform both routine and emergency maintenance of all industrial electrical systems and equipment. Our team specialises in turnkey electrical constructions, high voltage and power distribution, reconstruction and emergency restoration, uninterruptable power systems, emergency services and many different electrical installations.

• Commercial Installations

Our company offers various commercial installation, maintenance and repair services. We understand that for the commercial sector customers safety is of the first importance, so we strive to provide services that meet all the safety standards. Whether you are in need for a new installation, refurbishment or a simple turnkey solution – Swifty is the right choice. Our team of electricians works with all kinds of lighting, phase and configuration of power installations, reactive repairs, trouble shooting and fault finding as well as offers many other services.

• Domestic Installations

Swifty offers various domestic installation, maintenance and repair services. We specialise in all kinds of domestic electrical installations, specific alterations and additions that comply with electrical safety performance standards. Our electricians provide a professional electrical service ranging from design and installation to testing and repairs, including extensions and rewiring, fuse board and earthing upgrades, indoor and outdoor lighting, heating, security and safety as well as many other services.

• Periodic Inspection Testing

It is no secret that all electrical installations should be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for further use. Swifty provides periodic inspection testing services for industrial, commercial and residential clients. During the inspection we check if any of electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded, find any potential risks and hazards, identify any defective electrical work and lack of earthing or bonding.

• Home Automation and Entertainment Systems

Nowadays people rely on technology in every step they take and everyday household is not an exception. Swifty offers you a variety of home automation solutions and entertainment systems to simplify your life. You can choose from a broad portfolio of different home automation options including remote operation and total automation. We not only integrate systems throughout your home and make them easy to monitor and control, but also provide system maintenance and repairs.

• Fire Alarm Systems

Swifty offers you not only a large assortment of products and systems for accurate, reliable and instant fire detection, but also provides system installation and repair services. You can be sure that our fire alarm systems provide precise information and guarantee maximum safety at critical moments.

• Burglar Alarm Systems (Non-Monitored)

We understand the importance of the safety of your home and all the precious assets you own, therefore we offer you a non-monitored burglar alarm system as well as its installation and maintenance service. A non-monitored burglar alarm means that you can self-monitor your security system and decide whether it’s a false alarm or a real threat before calling the authorities in an emergency. That way you can be fully in charge of the safety of your home.

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