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It is essential to keep your place clean and fresh by constantly taking care of all the unwanted stains and dust, which tend to accumulate even in the tightest places. Furniture, carpets and curtains are those items that are easily stained, gather the most dust and need to be attended on a regular basis. Swifty’s upholstery cleaning service is a great decision if you value tidiness, but don’t have time to go about your house or office. The available cleaning methods we offer involve hot water extraction upholstery cleaning, dry upholstery cleaning, dry foam upholstery cleaning as well as leather upholstery cleaning. Before the procedure, we carefully inspect the upholstery and determine what kind of cleaning technique is needed for the best possible results. Our team of cleaners works with only the best quality products and apply only the most efficient cleaning techniques, so your upholstery will be dealt with in a most effective way.


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