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Your floor has lost its shine? Want to restore the looks of your flooring? Don’t have the right products or equipment? Too busy running your daily errands? Worry no more, because Swifty offers hard floor cleaning services for a wide range of hard floor to suit every requirement and every need. Our company offers the following hard floor cleaning procedures:

  • Sealed Floor Cleaning Method (after the cleaning the floor is sprayed with a sealant for a clean finishing look and maximum hard floor protection);
  • Polished Floor Cleaning Method (after cleaning and mopping the floor, the old layer of floor polish is removed and a new one is applied to make your hard floor look as good as new; this method is usually applied to linoleum and vynil);
  • Basic Cleaning (when there is no need for a recoat, you can choose the basic hard floor cleaning or mopping).

If you are in need of a professional hard floor cleaning service and want to save both time and money, our cleaning services is a smart choice. The experienced cleaners at Swifty will determine what type of cleaning your floor needs and provide you with a quality service using the latest cleaning techniques and professional equipment.

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