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Carpet cleaning can be a challenging task if you do not have the right products and proper knowledge about the process. Swifty offers you a carpet cleaning service, which is provided by the skilled cleaners using the most efficient products and professional cleaning teqniques. If you book our carpet cleaning service, after agreeing on a time and place, a carpet cleaning specialist will be sent to your home or office to determine the cleaning method that is the most suitable for your item. That way, you can be sure that your carpet will get the best possible treatment and the best possible results. The first technique to clean your carpet is by using hot water extraction. This procedure is the most effective if you want to renew the carpet fibres, remove all the accumulated dirt and stains and bring your carpet back to life. The second technique is to use dry carpet cleaning, which is suitable for delicate material carpets and is compatible with natural fibres such as silk and sea grass. The dry cleaning procedure not only removes allergens and refreshes the item, but also prevents the carper of sensitive material from shrinkage. You can relax and entrust all the carpet cleaning work to us just to come back to an outstanding result.

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